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It’s always the one you want,

that doesn’t want you the same way…

The one you have your eye on,

that isn’t even looking in your direction

The one you can’t get out of your mind,

and you hardly even cross theirs..

The one you could give the world to,

that isn’t interested in what you have to offer..

The one you would make a priority,

that only makes you an option..

The one that you think could be the one,

but they would never give it a chance to find out if..

The one you write this about,

that will probably never read this

The one you wish to love unconditionally,

that will never truly realize how much you do.

The one that will never be your one,

because the one you want doesn’t want you to be their one



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Just enjoying a day off with my family. Daughter right here by my side watching her show bubble guppies (lol) and everything just comes into perspective. Her mother is making her way back into school,  back working, doing her part to be a great mother (which she already is) and I examine what I’m bringing to the table as a father and I’m at a crossroads. The opportunity is there to work more and earn more money, since I’ll be taking a semester off from school (more on that later) , but the opportunity costs would be less time with my daughter. But the extra income could help allow me to be financially stable and build on providing for my family. But going back to school and finishing , studying a subject I can have a successful career in would prove to be vital to what I would like to accomplish short and long term. I just want to be a strong provider and protector of my family. Nothing means more to me. So the decision I’m trying to make is to either stay put at my current job and try to make the most I can or seek another job, although that’s unlikely. But again,  these are just thoughts…  Needed to write this..  I’ll be posting more content in the coming days and weeks.

Do You Know What Today Is?!

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Do you know what today is??

It’s our Anniversary! Yes. 3 sweet years of blogging. My posts have slowed due to the various elements of my busy life. Work, School, being a first time Father.

Just had to break away from it all for a sec to blog , and noticed that today was my 3 year anniversary of signing up for this wordpress account. I’ve enjoyed sharing each and every thought, reblog, sermon series review, personal blog series, covering favorite sports team, ALL which I hope to improve in and share more of.

I’m Currently in a series called Breaking The Silence which will get into the different topics personal and interpersonal in society that we all “want” to have a voice on, but for whatever reason we choose not to speak out on. I’m on a short break , but will wrap up this series including posts on Homosexuality, Relationships, and Self Empowerment later this month.

So wish me a Happy Anniversary why don’t you!? and Thank you for reading.

Be blessed



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Don’t know how someone can think about someone so much and not know how to explain to them when they want to know what’s on your mind?

What are you really thinking about?

It’s a but frustrating

But I digress.


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I haven’t been in this much anticipation about my future in a while..



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How do you know when it’s a crush? When it’s just finding someone attractive, or when it’s a deeper interest in someone?


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Enjoying this… Change of pace.