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They change. 
One is not like the other,  and the next one will bring forth challenges the previous one did not.
Each season tells us something about ourselves.  Whether its the climate seasons telling us what kind of weather we like or don’t like…
The seasons in our personal life we encounter , proving to us what we are called to do and where we need to be. 
Personal seasons like knowing when to consider a job/career change,  letting a relationship go,  or even a person who you wanted to be in one with but things didn’t materialize, and the list goes on.
But each season brings forth new challenges and new calls for purpose. If you’re in the season of pain and are coming out of a relationship with someone,  missing them, struggling to move on,  discover that purpose of why you’re in that position.  Why hasn’t moving on come so easy,  is there some unfinished business or unresolved emotion there?  Are the two of y’all purposed to remain in each other’s life for a more meaningful reason than to be together?
Maybe you’re the person that’s single and in a season of hurt,  regret,  rejection,  compromise. Hurt because you’ve felt ready to redeem yourself from past mistakes but have been turned down and rejected,  turned away,  told that its not you,  but have been given that explanation too many times to believe that it really is “not really you” . Regret because of those past mistakes,  letting the Good one get away,  multiple times. Knowing you won’t get that time,  that chance back. What’s your purpose in this season?  Play the role of advise and give wise counsel to one you desire to be with, but they’re in their season of emotional toil, dealing with a breakup… Give the one you let away encouraging words because now they’ve found someone and they’re mostly happy , yet still there’s room for growth and opportunity in their new found love. 
The season of career change.  A new job with new purpose, New expectations. Yet you find yourself  with a renewed energy.  Faith stronger than it has been before.  All because you’ve been blessed with the opportunity to provide even more for yourself and your loved ones than before.  Your purpose is to do just that.  Love what you’re doing and it’ll never be work. 

All seasons are about having perspective. 
You will not remain emotionally distressed over past relationships or not being able to find new love. The perspective is to find the light in the darkest of seasons. The relationship ended for a reason.  They said no, now is not the time for a reason.
That reason is that you are purposed to something greater.

Trouble won’t last always. These are just seasons. After all, they do change. 

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