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First off, I want to say this was inspired from a song called ‘Love yourz’ off J. Cole’s new Album ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’. This song talks about the importance of loving your life, loving yourself. and I was inspired by it because I’ve had a history of writing these near depressed posts, like things in my life aren’t improving or that I’m not happy with my life. That’s simply not the case. I want to inspire others and make others feel good, because that’s what makes me feel good. So I want to elaborate on that for a second.

This song made me realize two things.
1). your life is valuable. Rather you already know that or you don’t feel that it is….. It is.
There will never be another life better than the one you’re living now. If you believe in God or some kind of higher power that consists of a better after-life then that’s different. What I mean is the life you’re living now is valuable because you have the unique opportunity to leave a mark on this generation and future generations like your kids, your family, your friends, colleagues, etc. All by how you view your life and yourself. If you’re in a struggle, then that’s even more reason to claim you’re living a beautiful and valuable life. There’s beauty in the struggle as J Cole put it.
No matter how hard and tough the struggle, you always come out on top. Struggling with work or finding a job, you usually find a better job down the road, a more rewarding, appreciating job. Struggling with relationships (which I’ll write about in future posts) , that struggle too won’t last always. (and more times than not, it’s their lost, not yours)
There’s beauty in the struggle also not just because the outcome is always greater, but the struggle itself teaches us how to be patient. How to appreciate the finer things in life. No matter the struggle, your life is valuable. Never think anything less..
2). You have a purpose in life.
If someone tells you that you deserve better in life, listen to them! There’s never going to be a better life than your own. So step into it. Find your purpose. Embrace it. Know with all confidence that your purpose is defined, not by anyone else, but by the reality of your ambition, your grind, your humbleness, and your faith. Your purpose in life is what will push you to higher levels, new heights. Discovering your purpose defines that your life is valuable. Just as valuing your life allows you to turn your purpose into your legacy… After all. There’s no such thing as a life that’s better than ‘Yourz


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