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Writing is therapeutic. Writing is inspirational. Writing can be convicting. I get a release when I write. My thoughts on paper, or in this case, on screen. Not necessarily for the world to see, but for the small few that are interested in how I see life. The more I write, the better.

I just have this one small tiny issue. I struggle with consistency. I should write every week. Maybe even every day depending on the material I would like to touch on…

But this post is a prelude, a preview of sorts. I want to reflect on a few series’ i started several years ago. I also want to get a post out that was inspired from a song by rap artist. J.Cole entitled ‘Love Yourz’ from his new album 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

I want to call it #NoSuchThing because in the song, he talks about how there’s no such thing as a life better than the one you have and how we should all love the life that we live. And that inspired me to touch on it. Currently I’m not in the best of situations with my life. Yes, I’m a proud father. But that’s where the happiness stops. I’m currently out of a job, not in school, nothing really spectacular happening on the personal front, although all three of those situations could change in an instant..

But listening to that song spoke to me. In the past, I thought Gospel or “Inspirational Music” was the only kind to inspire me. That was selfish of me to think that. But I was biased and narrow minded. truth is ALL MUSIC can speak to you. And I’m not talking about Illuminati and demonic or satanic type of ‘speaking to you’. I’m talking about thought provoking, moving, self awakening, convicting ‘speak to’ Any song, any genre can do that. It’s all about message. and I feel J. Cole has a strong message in his music, particularly that song. So I can’t wait to go further in detail about #NoSuchThing. I hope to have it completed in the next few weeks.

Another thing I want to do is bring back some of the blog series’ I started a few years back and refresh them and add another installment or two to some of them. I want to start with, in my mind, my best blog series. “Solo”. This series is for the singles out there, myself included, touching on how challenging single life really is. I looked at the biblical view of singleness and how important it was to ‘Choose contentment over company’ (2.0) , and reminding singles that good things really do come to those who wait (3.0).  What I would like to do for the fourth installment is to go back to the drawing board and present a ‘Real Life’ model. Let’s say you didn’t wait, and you couldn’t hold out and choose contentment over company, and you decided to get back on the dating market, and now you’re in a peculiar situation. Technically you’re single, but involved with someone and you like them, but a relationship doesn’t seem imminent. Now what? Or you hook back up with an old ex or fling and it’s nothing about sexual, cause the initial flame between y’all died the first (or three) times between y’all. What do you do?  I’ll touch on that and few other things in the fourth installment of my ‘Solo’ series. (official title coming soon)

I can’t promise that I’ll remain consistent after these two posts, but I really want to. I even want to get back into my sports writing. Because quite frankly, I’m tired of writing the same depressing ‘nothing has changed in my life’ type of posts. Although the #NoSuchThing post should put an end to that. To the few readers out there, any encouragement (or criticism) would be welcome. I really do appreciate y’all. I really hope y’all get as much pleasure and enjoyment from reading, as I do writing it. I’m excited about what’s to come. Stay tuned.



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