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Longer than a break. Shorter than a permanent cancellation. Not an intermisson but a stoppage of the previous action or continum . more times than not, that stoppage not planned or desired, yet the decision made to interrupt the action or series of events , the right one . sabbaticals, and fasts are resting and abstaining from the continuality of our lives . a hiatus is a hault . an interruption in the midst of the continum being in progress .
You choose to take a sabbatical or to fast. You dont choose to go on hiatus . but what you dont fast from and take a sabbatical from may cause you to go on hiatus . we’re always ripping and running in our lives . never choosing to stop and fast from the things that we always indulge in. Fasting from certain foods, social media , etc. Taking a sabbatical from work to recharge . not doing those things may cause your inner spirit to go into a hiatus . your relationship with God may very well go on hiatus . its okay to turn off the computer , phone . its okay to tell your boss that you cant work that extra shift or that you do need a week off to recharge and spendmore time with your family . do it for your own good . your spiritual side , relationship with God, and relationship with your loved ones and yourself depends on it . DONT make the mistake I did and let yourself go on hiatus .



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