Do You Know What Today Is?!

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Do you know what today is??

It’s our Anniversary! Yes. 3 sweet years of blogging. My posts have slowed due to the various elements of my busy life. Work, School, being a first time Father.

Just had to break away from it all for a sec to blog , and noticed that today was my 3 year anniversary of signing up for this wordpress account. I’ve enjoyed sharing each and every thought, reblog, sermon series review, personal blog series, covering favorite sports team, ALL which I hope to improve in and share more of.

I’m Currently in a series called Breaking The Silence which will get into the different topics personal and interpersonal in society that we all “want” to have a voice on, but for whatever reason we choose not to speak out on. I’m on a short break , but will wrap up this series including posts on Homosexuality, Relationships, and Self Empowerment later this month.

So wish me a Happy Anniversary why don’t you!? and Thank you for reading.

Be blessed



One thought on “Do You Know What Today Is?!

    aliciamholden said:
    March 20, 2014 at 11:57 AM

    Happy 3yr Blogiversary


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