Breaking The Silence: Interlude

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Where do i start? Where do I begin?

SAY SOMETHING. SPEAK. NOW. no wait, don’t start off like that.

At least think first, right?

Our minds develop, contemplate, and reflect on over a million thoughts a day. Maybe even more than that. No, that’s not scientifically tested. I dare you to try and actually perform an experiment, that’s a pretty good estimate don’t you think?

No , but seriously, we think every second of every minute of every hour, of every day. But do really say what’s on our minds? Do we really express our most inner thoughts, feelings, emotions? Do we just rant to the nearest ear, or social media account we can log in to , without having any filter, ? Or do we just sit back and observe our surroundings first , completely quiet, shut up , hesitant to really speak out on what’s really bothering us..

Personal issues, interpersonal , global events, political, entertainment gossip, civil issues, morals, religious beliefs and views, you name it. If it’s something to think on, it’s something worth speaking out on… Or is it?

My point is , we should watch what we say, do, and think about first and foremost. But at the same time we should also take into consideration that someone may need to hear a word of constructive criticism, or uplifting encouragement… without the biased filter.

Someone may need to know that there’s still hope in a broken world . Regardless of their personal background and life’s choices 

Someone may need to be told that they can still be something in this world, even if somebody told them they’re nothing.

Someone may need to be reminded that if they fail 99 times, that the 100th time will always be there, it’s not going anywhere.

Then someone may already be on the road to bigger and better, and they just  need that one push and tap on the shoulder with the words “I notice your effort and hard work, Don’t stop. Persevere, you can do it!”

Rather or not these few sentences hit close to home or not, don’t worry, these next few posts , I’ll try my best, with the grace of only God Himself guiding my footsteps (and finger tips) to briefly and respectfully touch on some topics that should be spoke out on…

{Relationships/Friendships, Racial Discrimination/Profiling (including interracial relations, and inner racial disputes) , Self reliance vs dependence on others, Homosexuality, Self esteem and Self empowerment , just to name a few}

Now mind you these posts will be brief in nature and will reflect my open minded views and beliefs. But as I mentioned before , will still be respectful . These are some topics that I have been keeping silent on , and want to.. Break the Silence on.

My goal is to inspire, encourage, and to share my intellect and hope to, open minds up to speaking their minds more , but at the same time be respectful of their peers.

So take this journey with me over the next few weeks, and ask yourself this: What are you keeping silent about? Isn’t time to break that silence ?



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