A Day to Remember

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It was horrible. And all my fault. Okay,  mostly my fault. I wanted Valentine’s Day to be special for my date and it turned out to be the worst day ever,  or at least it felt like.

I had plans to take her to the reunion tower downtown (that’s the ball for those who don’t know) for a champagne toast,  take her out to dinner and a movie.

Long story short, the only thing that happened was the trip to reunion tower and that included over an hour of rush hour traffic.

She was pissed. And who could blame her? 

I dropped the ball big time. The entire day got away from me,  I was busy trying to get everything else in my world taken care of and situated, I overthought the whole thing when all I had to do was worry about everything else another time or day,  and focus on this day I had planned for her.

This isn’t me.  I’m better than this.
Idk what I can do to possibly make this up to her.



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