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too bad I don’t have any one to write this to this year….

Wont you be mine, my Valentine?? It almost seems like yesterday we were merely just exchanging innocent text messages, yet all the while interest was growing mutually, we couldn’t resist, we couldn’t deny the feeling that was coming on, not the feeling of ecstasy, but the feeling of intellectual, with the surrounding overwhelming presence of the spiritual, not to be distracted by the physical, yet not ignored, never neglected, there your smile was in front of me the very first time my eyes placed sight on yours. Nerves running wilder than any emotion, or hormone, words to speak were a few, but smiles, and deep glares into each others eyes were a plenty. Conversation did flow, out of the deep wells of our minds, fueled by personalities that were intertwined with the realities that this wasn’t just a fantasy. Yet, the real deal, jack. 

No, I’ll never forget that first time we met, being nervous was an understatement. yet we found each other’s anxiety, a bit, relaxing. No one felt they were out of place or never had to wonder if the other one was or wasn’t just that into them, but the whole time, we both knew that this just wasn’t the ordinary first date. 

This short time we’ve been knowing each other, I can’t help but to think what would i be doing right now, at passed 3 in the morning, surely I would be writing, or reading, or if lucky, deep in slumber.

But to say I would be writing at this hour? not out of the ordinary, but to say I have such joy in writing at such hour? on the contrary. 

oh what do I owe such a pleasant feeling of writing this to you, my Valentine? 

It’s simple. See, all my life, I’ve been searching, looking, actually believing I had found someone several times that I thought was the one. And while I slip away so silently to spend precious time with my God above to discuss but more importantly to listen to Him, but through the months, and years, still no answer from above. Not because He wasn’t speaking or that I wasn’t listening, it simply was because it wasn’t to be. 

But as I sit here and write this out, my mind begins to open up as the sky above our heads, the Son comes out and shines His light on us, I hear His voice now. And while He hasn’t truly said you are the one, I do hear Him more and more in what He does say to me…. 

‘My child, I have brought my daughter to you. In such short time, there has been an abundance of compassion and connection. Please, hear my words, do not abuse that compassion, do not taint the compassion overflowing in your hearts for each other, with worldly lusts. Do not ruin such a promising relationship I have given to you. Stay faithful to me. I will show you how to love her. I have not yet revealed to you that she is the ‘one’ But i reveal it not to you, because I will reveal to you the ‘right’ way to love her.  Then will she become the one. She’s a delicate and precious gift to you. Take care and cherish her, to respect her, love her in all purity.  Protect her . do not cause her to stumble, but edify her by sharing my Truth with her, growing both her and yourself in my name. Let my promises to both of you remain in your hearts. Always encourage her. Pray for and with her. My child, please, remain faithful to me.’

His voice more clear to me than it has ever been. Now I must heed to what was told me. I must answer the call. 

To my Valentine. I say to you, I will love you with a Godly love, an edifying and pure love. A love that will honor, cherish, trust, respect, and protect you. Even though we are still growing with each other, I trust and believe in the Father that our love will become renewed and refined in His presence. His spirit will overtake us. Our lives will be forever changed, because we wont love each other out of our hearts alone, but our hearts will be filled with His love, therefore, we’ll love each other, loving Him all the more.

Sincerely with God’s love,



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