First Day.

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For some, it’s their first time stepping foot on a college campus. For others, it’s an experience familiar to them. To one person, it means meeting new people. To another, leaving an impact. The first day of college embarks on a new journey for freshmen into the unknown. What are they gonna major in?, who are they gonna meet? Will they join any organizations and get involved? What parties and social hangouts will they go to? For upperclassmen, it’s been there, done that, bought that t-shirt. Time to start looking at internships and other ways to be active. For the senior in their 4th or 5th year, all they’re thinking about is finishing. Just literally months, weeks away from graduating. Taking those final classes, deciding whether to go to grad school or not.

See, College can be an exciting time for everyone. Even the professors get happy, but this post isn’t about them

What College has taught me over these few years is that, it’s all about choices. Every choice you make today, it affects your tomorrow. Sure that’s true everywhere you go. But in college, that’s multiplied. There’s so much opportunity. So much exposure to the real world. To the freshmen, you’re not in high school more. Things are different. You have to think a little bit more, make wiser choices. And if you feel you’re already smart and got it all together, that’s great and all, but there’s always something new to learn.
My hope is that any and every person that reads this , whether it’s their first day of college, or their final year like mine, would make the most of their experience while they’re here. There’s so much freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility. There’s potential for every single person to be great and what they want to do. But goals have to be set. There’s an immense amount of social engagement and unlimited amount of activities and campus organizations to get involved with.
I strongly encourage everyone to join a campus organization, or at least look into a few or several of them and just consider it. Making the choice to join one will make a difference in your life and if you take that chance and embark on that opportunity, you could leave an major impact on your school, your peers, and even greater than that.

College isn’t only just about the classroom. And it isnt just about hitting up the coolest party every weekend. Everything has to be in moderation. College is definitely a fun place, and who you already know and get to meet will definitely have an influence on how much of an enjoying experience you have. Getting a great education is at the top of the list, and earning a degree is the ultimate goal. Building a future, living out your dreams, realizing your true potential, that should be your ultimate goal in life. The great thing about that is, you get the opportunity to accomplish those life goals. Being in college brings you one step closer.

At the end of your day, when you look at the big picture, it’s about leaving your mark. What are you leaving your mark on. That may not be the first thing on your mind on your very first day, it wasn’t on mine. But after a while, that’s what I started thinking about. What am I going to do for the rest of my life? What choices will I make? Who will I have an influence on? Who will have an influence on me?

To the freshmen, Good luck! I wish y’all all the best and hope you realize your full potential and accomplish your goals! Get involved!! Have fun, live to the fullest, make smart choices, and welcome to College!

To the Sophomores and Juniors, I wish you the same continued success. Get involved if you havent already. Continue to strive forward. Be an impact! Keep making smart choices, live it up and remember, You’re almost there!

To the Seniors, wow! We’ve made it! We’re just months away, for some, just weeks! Seems just like yesterday we were freshmen. I’m proud of us all! Lets finish the task, and be an impact!! Lets help, support, encourage, mentor, and influence our younger peers to be great and do BIG things!! Class of 2014!!!

Happy first day of Class. Enjoy and make the most of it!


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