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flashbacks. Memories. All captured in the mind, or a scrapbook. Growing up. Childhood Adventures. Your first this. Your first that. Yesterday. Yesteryear. Only now a twinkle in your eye.

Fast forward to the present. All that goes on around you. Even the moment that the clock strikes midnight on that special day happens in a blur. The comments. The pictures. The plans that were made in advance. What does it mean in the greater scheme of things?

Have you ever asked yourself randomly, is what I’m doing serving a bigger purpose in life? Is what I’m doing affecting more than just me? Is what I’m living for bigger than myself

I have a theory. Every year on December 31st right before the clock hits midnight, we all get together with our friends and loved ones and ring in the new year. And again right before midnight the night of your birthday or someone’s birthday (who’s real close to you) you do something similar. You celebrate the day of, whether its New Years, or your birthday, (or that special someone’s birthday). What’s the difference?

Celebrating the day you were born should closely resemble how you would celebrate a new year. Only it’s more personal. It’s a new year of life for you. It’s one more day above ground. It’s another chance to right a wrong, or cross one more thing off the bucket list and live life to the fullest. It’s an opportunity to make a list of personal resolutions. Not the ones that everyone makes for new years. The ones that mean everything to you and the people around you.

The serious resolutions. The goals. Priorities. All based our of pure ambition and determination to want to see yourself do better, accomplish something bigger, and greater than yourself. To expect an outcome that affects not just you, but the people closest to you. That should be the ultimate goal and expectation each and every time your day of birth comes around. Take that chance and run with it. Because not everyone gets that chance.

That’s the funny thing. Life is precious jewel, and those who have been called to leave this life on this earth, whether we feel in our hearts they left too soon or not, They went out and DID it. They lived for that greater moment, they achieved greater, bigger, they went and lived for something GREATER than themselves. That right there, accompanied with the grace of God, should be the never ending motivation and fuel to step outside our front door, step outside our comfort zone, and LIVE. LIVE for others. LIVE for a greater impact. LIVE for a better life. LIVE for a better world around you.

Never stop living.

Remember to look up… because that’s where it all is. -David ‘Kidd’ Kraddick


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