Something Different…

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[Before I proceed.. I would like to send this personal shout out to my co-interns, especially Michael…… Who insisted that i include them (him) in this post………that has nothing to do with them]


Now…Where was I..?


Same routine every morning. 6:29 AM. The Alarm goes off. I knock the clock off the night table attempting to press snooze. 6:47 AM. Phone alarm goes off. I swipe the screen once to snooze. Finally, a third time: 7:16 AM. Both alarms are simultaneously ringing, and at this rate I will be late for work.

I’m usually out the door by a quarter to 8. If I’m leaving anytime passed that i wont get to the office til close to 9, thanks to the traffic.

Same process. Work. Eat. Work Some more. Take a break every now and then to check my phone…Okay more like take a break every other 5 minutes to look at my phone.

When is work is done, I pack up and head home.

Same rush hour commute home as usual. All highways en route to my house are usually all congested. So I take the streets. Thankfully there’s one street that gets me real close to my destination.

I make it home. Unwind. Watch TV. Maybe jump on PS3 for an hour..or three. Listen to some music. Check my Twitter page, Email, etc. And the next thing you know, it’s almost 2AM. CRAP!! I need to be sleep, right? 

Basically where I’m getting at is it’s time for something different. It’s the same routine everyday, for the past 2 months I’ve had this particular job, and well even before that.

I want something different from myself. I have this life ahead of me. Things are happening. Changing. Evolving. Growing. For one thing, I’m about to have a family! People around me are showing their true colors now more than ever.

It’s time i start showing my true colors. It’s time I start defining my life. I don’t want to overthink anything or overdo anything. But it’s time I start taking initiative and being productive, living out my faith.  God has the final say in my life, of course. But part of having faith in Him is by showing actions. Faith is an action verb.

It’s time to start doing. It’s time…for something different.




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