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We all have them… rather its that end of the semester project that counts for a certain percentage of your grade, that project on your job that requires attention and focus from a team level or just yourself, that task you meaning to complete around the house, or even just the usual tidy up. Those all can be considered projects because they all have one thing in common. An objective. A level completion to attain. A list of tasks and a certain outcome that is expected and must me met. However the case, once the project is completed, a sense of achievement and relief comes over you. That feeling that lets you know you did what you set out to do, and accomplished it. It’s a good feeling.

But what about when you’re first starting a project? The sense of nerves, anticipation, sometimes anxiety, uncertainty that you don’t know how it’s come out? That’s not the most enjoying of feelings.

The one thing the project has next to the list of tasks, and the different feelings or thoughts about how the project will turn out, should be a guide. Whether written out on paper, or just a imaginary one in your mind, A guide to doing the project is key. The school project is due in a few days and you have already gotten past the first stage of brainstorming, the next step is setting up a guide that will walk you through putting the project together, whether your teacher gives you the guide, or you set it up yourself. Same goes with that project at work. Your boss has given you the guide on how to complete the project (and in most cases, a deadline). No matter the case, all projects come with a guide.


Your life is a project. Everyday is a new adventure. A brand new list of tasks. Thoughts, and feelings of how the day will turn out. How the rest of the week, month, even year will turn out. But you know what? You have a guide too.

Jesus Christ.

No matter what you face in life, He’s always there as your guide leading you and protecting you through your “project.” He’s there to calm and quiet any doubts you may have about you life, He’s there to help pick you back up after you have fallen. He understands our life is a project, because his Father God created us to do His will. So our job is to strive to do His work day in and day out. He’s working in us as we shall continue to keep our faith in Him. And in due time, He will carry our ‘projects’ onto completion. So keep striving, keep working, don’t stop living for Him, and most importantly, stay true to your guide.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. – Philippians 1:6 [ESV]

courtesy: Google images, Youversion Bible app 


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