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The epic disconnect..

The split between two of the central points in ones body. When these two elements can’t find common ground, life tends to become chaotic. Those two elements I speak of is the heart and the mind…

When these two things can not find compromise on life situations is the cause, then emotional, psychological, spiritual, and even physical imbalance is more than usually the effect.

At the start, the first solution is to find the root issue, what’s the root issue? What’s causing the mind and heart to disagree?

Then its discovered the root issue is the fact the heart is focused on finding love, while the mind won’t stop until it achieves acceptance by the external world. The heart most often times just wants to open up and connect with another heart. The mind would love to agree with this concept, but would rather wrestle with the consciences of the outside world wanting to accept it.

This conflict causes a lot of discourse in the one’s life, personally the personal social life. But it can also play a role in the workplace and at school. If one is not careful, this unhealthy conflict can ruin friendships, and jeopardize so many other important aspects in their life.

Handling this issue will not be easy. Prayer and lots of it is the very first solution. But seeking out this root issue takes time, and patience and diligence. This root issue can be anything ranging from past insecurities, losing someone you cared about, the constant longing to fill a void in an unhealthy way, and of course, the obvious “all of the above”. Dealing with the problem of why one’s heart and mind can’t agree is definitely not a good thing, but it’s not always a bad thing either. With age comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes wisdom. Having a mind vs. heart issue at an early age isn’t bad compared to dealing with this issue later on in life. At that point, just calling it a mid-life crisis would be an understatement. 

It’s extremely important to recognize the early symptoms of a mind vs. heart issue before it gets too critical. A few warning signs could consist of: loss of focus on other priorities, or lack of concentration, sudden shift in decision-making process, (what was once so easy and simple to decide on, now seems so complex and difficult), and even being in denial thinking your mind and heart actually do agree when in reality that’s not the case.

This issue won’t be resolved overnight, but if it’s recognized early enough, the process of correcting it and returning these two elements back on the same page shouldn’t be as long..




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