Enough is enough…

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When will it end? When will the nonsense stop?
People are getting more and more inconsiderate, reckless, careless, and just pure heartless. Movie theatres, malls, and now elementary schools?! This goes way beyond a push for tighter gun control. This is about the fate of this world. And what this means bigger picture. Yes the world is coming to end. We are in the Last days.. the violence and stupidity and ignorance is running rapid. The political unrest is growing, people are becoming more insensitive to the real issue. Our Salvation is at steak. God is calling our attention and We’re ignoring the call everytime. If we don’t stop what we’re doing to Look up and take heed to the warming signs, it will be too late. This morning you and I woke up with heavy hearts after the Connecticut elementary school tragedy, not Long after the Portland mall shooting… even with our thoughts and prayers heavily sent to those involved and affected, we still had another chance to get right with God. Today is the day!  We may not get another chance!!! Let’s stand up and get in line with God. Repent for sins you’ve committed. Because when it comes down to it, we’re no better than the people who pulled the triggers, it’s only by God’s grace that we’ve been saved by His son Jesus Christ!! Now Its time to live in that grace!! Let it consume us!!! Forgive those who hurt you, forgive yourself for hurting others, defeat the insecurity, fear, the lustful,lying, deceitful sin inside you!!! Repent and return to God!!! Enough is Enough.

Pt.2-closer to home coming soon…
Much love. God bless.


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