Enough is enough.. Pt. 2- Closer to home

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From a bird’s eye view, enough is enough. From top to bottom, enough is enough. But right here at home, those words are expired. 

With all the chaos going on in the world right now, the one bit of peace I can rely on is starting to slip away. Although it shouldn’t be the main element, it’s starting to unravel. 


Enough is enough . 

That one element of calmness is of course a compliment to the permanent feeling of comfort of which is God. But when you’ve been as inconsistent, and irresponsible as I’ve been, the permanent isn’t as clear and evident anymore. I start to fade off into the temporary void filling, peace substitutes, where I’m sadly mistaken. 

See a peaceful, comforting, self confident, loved and cared for feeling can only come from God Himself, no one person, thing, or element can substitute. And when you start fading from the one main true God, the connection, the bond, the link that connects human heart to immortal and perpetual love starts to break. 

Distractions, lies, lusts, inconsistency, poor decision making, immoral habit forming, loss of focus, confidence, lack of faith, prayer deficiencies are all side effects of a growing disorder that cripples the brain, paralyzes the spiritual body, and overall weakens the physical body leaving one incomplete. 

Instead of lining everything up with and under God, one forms the habit of allowing things to replace the spot that belongs to God in the first place. The consulting phase where everything is taken to and requested in prayer now becomes an automatic, inconsiderate, ill-advised cycle, where a thought becomes decision which leads to action, without any second consideration. 

As a result, consequences are dealt with. Lies and secrets are uncovered, bonds that were once built on trust and honesty, are now severed and in need of repair. 

Now one is left in a dark room without a window of hope or door of opportunity, just thoughts and reflections. Questions. How did this all happen? Where did it all go wrong? What can be done to make it all right? Can it be made all right? 

Answers. It happened because the one true Living God was ignored, and pushed aside. That’s where it went all wrong. One little white lie became a chain of lies that uncovered secrets that should have never been kept, The truth was always enough . Prayer is what can be done to make it right. Nothing will never be what it once was. It was never intended to be that way. If so, things would go wrong every day only to be made back to where it once was.

Lesson learned. Prayer spoken. Now what? 

Be still. Know that God is omnipotent, and omniscient 

Healer, Redeemer, Provider Savior, Master, Father. 


Relationships, friendships may have been broken from poor choices in the past. But no relationship has been affected more than the very first relationship one could ever have. With the one true living God. That is the relationship that can be made right . The other bonds may never heal properly. It may not be God’s will that they do. The point is God created man in the likeness of Him, in His image. With a purpose. To worship, to praise His name, and to overcome! Inside of this relationship with God, worship is priority, praise is the fruit you carry out,the lifestyle. And overcoming is the every day battle one has with itself. 



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