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Doesn’t Really Amount Much to Anything.


It’s the truth.

Some avoid it. Others make it the highlight of their day.

Others see it, and press it like it’s the top story on the news.

When really, it’s meaning is less than air. It’s pointless. It’s intoxicating. But it’s stupid. Entertaining. But time-consuming.

Drama comes from several things. Common disrespect, Misconception of disrespect, pure ignorance, and just unfiltered immaturity. But when all four of these elements come together, this thing called drama gets real interesting.

When someone is mistaken for being disrespected and must make it known through any medium rather it’s face to face, or behind the screens of a page where 140 characters are used every second.

When someone is only trying to make a joke, but ends up creating a spiral of empty insults, and spectators joining in to commentate and even at some times instigate.

When someone wants to merely have a conversation with another person, but signals get crossed, and perceptions start to change, and reality gets mixed up with fragments of imagination.

Drama isn’t for everyone. In fact, it shouldn’t be. But if and when it does become present, there’s one thing that has to remain constant. voice of reason. a sense of poise. Having a keen sense to defuse a situation before it escalates.

After all, it’s not always just words, and slurs.

But whatever the case may be, It never Does Really Amount Much to Anything

That’s just the way it is.


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