It’s about that time..

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Time for a change. Time for an intervention. Time for a shift in the atmosphere that is my mind. I’ve been putting it off, thinking it will just gradually change for the better. That it will just get itself together, without putting any effort in, or just covering it up and pushing it to the side. But that doesn’t help… when does it ever?


What am I talking about?


My focus. And why it’s off.


It’s an issue in every phase of my life right now. It’s fooling me into thinking I’m not ready for this opportunity at school or church.. when it so happens, I’m interested in becoming more involved in my studies, my church life and everything relating to getting closer to God, and even improving my work experience.

But my focus is off. Something is distracting me.. What is it? Who is it?

you can relax, there’s no who. Nobody is a distraction more than the guy in the mirror.

Just procastinating when things need to be done, overthinking on things that don’t even require the much attention. Distracting myself getting with social media ( I do like my twitter, and still check my facebook every once in a while) But my dad said it best..

Everything in moderation……

There’s a time for everything.. a time for hanging out with friends, making new ones, having a good time, etc.

Then there’s a time for getting my head in a book, and keeping it there, and getting more active in the areas that can better impact my life and others around me. It’s THAT time…

I just had to write this bit to get it off my chest, I felt like i had come up to a point just recently where I was losing focus on things that I normally have a grip on, but that’s not the case. A feeling like a wake up call, or that I crashed back to earth after floating and drifting away from what’s important….

So what am i planning to do about this? Less distraction, more focus. One step at a time.. I could go into detail, but it’s more of a process that changes from day to day.. it’s going to be maintaining and sustaining the focus day in and day out.. that’s where the true test comes in, but i believe, prayerfully, I can do ALL things…..




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