Twenty. Two.

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Another year.

Another day.

All other things remain unchanged, except a change in number representing the amount of days, months, and years that I have been allowed to have breath.

No second, minute, hour, day, month, or year was given to me just on account of a ‘good reputation’, but because of a notion that took place over 2,000 years ago by a Being I can’t even describe.

His existence is forever, ours, at least on this earth is temporary. Our faith in Him could lead to our lives being eternal along with His, but it comes down to our faith and obedience to Him.

That’s where I am… trying to see and test where my faith is, and how obedient am I to Him?

not very high…

I’ll save everyone the trouble of reading another I’m struggling with this, that, and that other thing post…

God has allowed me to see a 22nd year of life. What am I doing to give all of it back to Him? How is my faith in every aspect of my life?

How am I trusting Him in my personal life, work, and school situations, How am I setting time aside to just be with Him, and draw closer to Him?

What steps am I taking?

Twenty Two years is a blessing. Many people live well past 60 and 70. Some may not even get to see their teens…

Our time on this earth is truly precious. We’re living on borrowed time.

And It’s running out.

Forgive me Lord for my lackadaisical habits, backsliding, and rebellion. Help me to live for You and only You. Help me to obey Your word above all else. 


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