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Lately ive been thinking and evaluating where i am in different scopes of life. My job, personal,school (which is nonexistent right now) and my spiritual life. and if i were to stop and really critique which of these aspects of my life is solely independent of the others, it wouldnt be the one i would hope…
For instance, my job life shouldn’t be interdependent or any other factor of my life. My spiritual life should be the only independent aspect of my life, with every other part being dependent on that very factor. I shouldn’t have to make any decision that affects my personal life based on my job…but my spiritual life should decide that…
My spiritual life (faith in God, obedience to the teachings of Christ, abiding in love, etc.) Should determine how every other part of my life goes. 

So why is that not the case?

…I’ll start a series in May on this called A Man and his thoughts..

This will be one of my more transparent writings.. so reader discretion is advised.


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