“No More Excuses”

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Resurrection Sunday was two weeks ago. And the message i received from my pastor is still heavy on my mind . The title was “No Excuses” entitled to state there are NO more excuses. The time is now to accept the invitation for a relationship with Jesus Christ. Here are some notes from that message.
Luke 14:15-24
An Invitation to a better life. (v 15-17)
Jesus is the best life has to offer.
Jesus is offering a relationship with God through Him.
There is no relationship like a relationship with God. that will do for you what you can’t do for yourself.
Everyone has to needs to get to a point where they need something bigger than themselves.
You can only get so far without God in your life.
Jesus offers us forgiveness
Jesus offers us purpose in life
An excuse expressed (v 18-20)
1. People who are consumed with riches. being consumed with riches doesn’t mean ur rich.
2. People who are consumed with the responsibilities of life.
3. People who are consumed with relationships.
excuses come at the wrong time. trick of the enemy to make u settle for less than what God has for you.
An opportunity not to be missed. (v 21-23)
if we say no to Jesus, He will find somebody else willing to say yes!!
it’s not because of what you’ve done that will earn you an invitation but BY GRACE!!! You didn’t have to send me an invitation
..you have limited time..not everyday is promised.

No more excuses.!


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