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Soul Caffeine

There’s a show on TV called “Hoarders.” It’s about people who just accumulate junk and they never get rid of it. Their homes are filled with piles of trash so high that the only creatures who can navigate around the house are roaches and rats. The show is both sad and disgusting, but on a spiritual level, I think a lot of us live our lives as “hoarders.”

We don’t mean to become hoarders; it can just naturally happen over time until one day, we’re buried under a pile of junk. We’ve got to be willing to clear away negative things that are taking up space to make room for new things that will bring peace back into our lives. In Colossians Chapter 3, the Bible paints a picture of some of the “junk” that needs to be removed that’s taking up too much space in our minds, hearts and…

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