Something to Believe in…..

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In the world today, there seems to be so much confusion, why is that?  I think, personally, it’s because there are so many gray areas in the world today.  People no longer know what to believe in.  The very foundation of mankind has been cracked; and it is up to us rebuild our own foundations.

“God is in EVERYONE and in EVERYTHING.”  The very idea that Jesus Christ proclaimed this demonstrates that it is innately within all of us, to seek God and His Existence within our lives.  The thing is, it is not in the form of physical earthly proof, but such questions in reference to God and His Existence, are found in the form of feeling fulfilled within yourself, which is not defined by the ways of this world.  To understand that the Almighty God, Jehovah, Yahweh…..can create anything out of earthly nothingness requires…

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