Instagram for Android

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So it finally came out on Android. The highly anticipated day for The popular photo sharing app to be available on the largest mobile operation system community finally arrived. So why were there so much uproar from IPhone users? Everyone knew eventually it would happen.  Guess they didn’t want to share the success, the fun that instagram is. For iPhone users it became a way of life, now that it’s on Android, to them it’s just another app.. one iPhone user tweeted  “we went From a gated community to section 8 all in the same day…” surely an application can’t do that. Another tweet read that who are we all??  It’s just an app,  it’s not like we’re getting a check from instagram… and I agree the most, it’s a real neat app, so what if it’s now on both a high society AND a popular platform? Both platforms having this app  makes sense. Besides sharing is caring. March is over. Stop the mad ness. image


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