Salt & Light

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awesome post. very inspirational and motivational. we have to be the salt of the earth and light of the world !

My Butterfly Chronicles

Have you ever been given a plate of food in which according to the recipe, salt should be used during the cooking process? However, clearly the cook did not use any because the food was very bland.  As insufficient as salt may appear to be, this seasoning completely changes the taste of food.

Salt is also used as a preservative. It’s an antibacterial that inhibits the growth of bacteria in food which keeps it from spoiling as quickly.

However that is not its only function. It also plays several major roles in the human body. Salt serves as a healing substance by feeding nutritional mineral elements to our cells and it dissolves, sanitizes and cleanses toxic waste from our system. It is also responsible for the balance of acids and bases within the body.

In all of the uses of salt, it must come in contact with something to function…

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