Greater Expectations: Hearing God’s Voice

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Pastor Carter continued the 5 part series ‘Greater Expectations’ along with the time of prayer and fasting with the message ‘Hearing God’s voice’. From 1 Samuel 3:8-9. God was calling out to Samuel , but Samuel thought it was the prophet Eli calling out to him. At the time, Samuel did not recognize the voice of the Lord.

Even now, we’ve gotten caught up in our own lives, and we sometimes think that God doesn’t speak any longer. Whatever He’s said was said, long ago, and He no longer speaks a Word into our hearts and soul… or at least that’s the perception.. But this message was exactly what I needed to hear..

Does God Still Speak? That’s the question people want to know. curious about the Word of God, and if God still speaks even this day so long after the biblical days.. The answer is YES!! 

God speaks through His Word. (2 Timothy 3:16) 

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness..”

When God speaks, His Word opens up to our minds, our hearts, our soul. God speaks each and everytime you open up His Word. ‘You ought to hear Him speak through His word.

God speaks through His Spirit. (1 John 2:27)

“But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him..”

His Holy Spirit abides in us, therefore we hear from Him through His spirit. ‘Once you say yes to Jesus, and accept Him into your life, you’re inviting His spirit into your heart, always abiding in you.’ You can’t see it, but you can feel it.

When the Spirit abides in you, it comes in and shows you things when you least expect it, and it wont always ‘co-sign’ on decisions we make in our life, for our best interests.

When the Spirit speaks, the best thing to do is to listen!!

God speaks through His People. (Luke 1:39-45)

If it wasn’t for the prophet Eli recognizing that it was God speaking to Samuel, Samuel would have never fully realized the voice of the Lord!!! God uses His own people to speak into the lives of other people!!! whether, it’s one believer speaking a word of encouragement into the other believer’s life. or spreading the gospel to an unbeliever, God uses everyone for some sort of unique designed purpose.

We must be careful, however, of how we speak into someone else’s life. We can’t be prophe-lying instead of prophesying. Don’t speak a word into someone’s life if you know it falls outside of God’s will, or that God didn’t place it on your heart to tell them that.

We need 3 things to hear God’s voice. 

1. We need an ear for God’s voice. (John 10:27; Cor 2:15-16) In order to hear God’s voice, you have to get somewhere where’s there’s signal. So many things distract us. Our jobs, our friends, our social media sites! Get somewhere quiet, and meditate on His word!! Don’t get sidetracked!! (Luke 21:34-36) 

2. We need to live right! (1 Samuel 28:4-7) We have to confess our sins (pass, present, and future) to the Lord and continue to live out a life of repentance!! Psalm 66:18 says If I regard iniquity in my heart, The Lord will not hear me… we gotta do better!! Confess, Repent, Pray!! Ask God to cleanse you of your sins! and ask Him to show himself in your life everyday! Cry out to Him! 

3. We need to expect to hear from Him! (1 Kings 19:11-12) Each time we pray, or read the Word, we ought to expect that God will show up and speak to us every time!! God is still speaking! 

Heavenly Father, thank you Lord for the Word that was preached. thank you for the messenger, bless Him Lord God. And Help us to hear You speaking to us every day. We love you and Thank You. In Your son Jesus name, Amen! 


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