What’s really going on?

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I didnt think I would be here… not in this situation… but everybody goes through this at least one time in their life..

Everybody goes through a season where they enjoy where they are in a certain time and place but at the same time they also don’t like where they are only because they know something has to happen, and not in the best of ways.

A move has to be made. Where I am now, and where I want to be are two different places and times. I’ll be honest and tell you where I am now, is not where I envisioned I would be some time ago. Am I going in the right direction? I can’t say for sure. The path I was on was heading in the right direction, then took a turn, thinking I was still going straight, but turns out that I was detouring my own self for what was supposed to happen. What was asked of me, what was expected of me, what I expected out of myself, that all was out of the window.

Instead of letting the One above me take the wheel, I took over the controls and tried to put myself in good situations that would benefit me, and now I’m scrambling to make sure I don’t wound up completely lost, and out of focus.

A situation like this isn’t easy to overcome, and it sure isn’t a situation so easily fixable either. One side has such positive to it, the other side, you realize something or someone will round up getting hurt, ignored, pushed aside, taken advantage of, or simply given an opportunity that was intended for someone or something else.

(Sure, you may be thinking I don’t what or who I want, and if you’re thinking simple, then yea I am, but if you know me, like really really know me, you would know that I don’t think simple) 

Situation is like this, both ways I may be in it for the long haul, but making a choice, choosing one thing or the other, one person or the other, I mean, is that choice even necessary?


No one is forcing me to decide, pick, choose, eliminate, none of that stuff. So how did this even become a situation?

Basically, long story short, you never let go of an opportunity, all the while allowing and introducing yourself to new things.

Now go with me on this one…

here you have this opportunity, and it’s been sitting here a while, not much has really changed over the course of some years, the chance to seize this opportunity has been faint for a while, with the greater probability of this opportunity coming through at the beginning, but it’s still here, but now time starts to become a factor, not so much that it’s running out, (although in essence, it is) but more so, that this opportunity wont always be around, and neither will you be around to really consider seizing this opportunity…

so what do you do with …an opportunity? you weigh out the pros and cons…

one pro about this, you and this opportunity are well acquainted. the con is, you and this opportunity are well acquainted. so there are sure to be some similarities, and some differences…

another pro? the curiosity of what would happen if the opportunity is seized, the moment captured… it drives you to almost complete insanity, well not insanity, but you get the point…

the con to that? well all the hype building because of the curiosity, may be over done once and if once that opportunity is seized..

one more pro? it feels like it will just happen sooner or later…. the con? losing the patience if happens to be …. ‘later’

so there’s the ‘opportunity’….. so what about the things that change with the changing season…

well in recent seasons, things have gone fairly well to say the least, of course it hasn’t worked out, but it may be for the best, because of the new thing that has come along in this season..

the great thing about something new, it’s fresh, it’s fun, it brings a change of pace, energy, excitement, and again, more curiosity. things were so good before, and before that, and even before that, but why are they so good now? with this new season, this change of pace, what’s different, that feeling that’s enticing you, you can’t help it. you can’t explain it, this new season is definitely interesting of course, but because its still fairly new, there’s no leftover effect from an old season, there’s no unwanted weather conditions in this season..

all it is a breath of fresh air each day…

The opportunity means so much to me, not just cause I’m eager to want to see what would happen and seize the moment, but because even while there’s been opportunistic times for something, there’s always been a steadiness regardless.

The new season, this breath of fresh air in my face is something that cant be explained… all i want to do is enjoy it while it lasts….

Not every opportunity gets seized……..

And no matter what season you’re in, things always change…….

What’s really going on?


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