Expectations 3.0: Meeting & Exceeding

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We all have them, we set them for ourselves, our lives, jobs, relationships, etc. People expect certain things from other people. Expectations are just like setting goals but different. A goal is something you set in advance that you will accomplish. An expectation is something you set in advance that you will continually and consistently achieve.
A goal is a dream, but an expectation is a standard. Standards are required an expected to be met in order to maintain an overall consistency in your life. Goals are aspirations that may have expectations in place to help stay focused.
Two tings happen from setting expectations. you can fall short and let other people or even yourself down. Worse. You may let God down. In fact you will, because we all fall short of the glory of God.
But you can meet those expectations you set for yourself. You can even exceed them.
On your job, your expectation in one way or the other is to serve the customer. Meeting that expectation is would be assuring that customer the experience and satisfying their need. exceeding the expectation would be to have the customer not only satisfied, but impressed, their day better because of you, and definitely a compliment and even a referral or recognition from your manager or supervisor.
The same can be said about your relationships, people, [Now I’m not saying you should expect things from people or aim to please them but it’s more of what you expect o them based on the relationship between, and what you could do to meet those expectations?] and your life in general. What are you expecting out of life? What do you expect out of yourself? are you meeting those expectations?

What about God? Are you expecting anything from Him?? Have you met His expectations? (Read 1 John)

Ephesians 3:20


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