Uncommon Me

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There’s a song off of gospel artist Isaac Carree’s new album ‘Uncommon Me’  named after the album. 

Uncommon Me.

I feel that this one song, (and a few others on his album) specifically describes me.. take a look at the lyrics. 

Born the one of a kind mold. An original from one second old, oh where did i go wrong, somebody let me know. Some choices that I’ve made, are the reason that I’m in this place today. I’m not where I wanna be, I don’t recognize me.

This is EXACTLY how I feel… sometimes I don’t recognize myself, the choices that I’ve made, the places I’ve been, the things I’ve done.. it’s a wonder I’m still here….ONLY by the grace of God.. 

he goes on to say.. 

So I’m putting back in Your hands wanna follow Your plans, don’t wanna be lost no more, maybe a long way home. But I wont make a move til You tell me to.

Oh Lord, it’s me again. Please don’t let my current circumstances turn me into the common man. See I just wanna be the uncommon me.

This is my prayer today. I don’t ever wanna change. Help me stay the way You made me. Wanna be the uncommon me.

That’s me. Feeling like I have abandoned myself and most importantly God. I feel lost. the thoughts of depression weren’t just because of my circumstances or emotions or reactions, it was because I knew the choices I made, the sins i committed distanced me from God…

his second verse got to me.. 

My reflection kinda had me fooled. I was looking at a man that I never knew. It was normal to see, so I thought it was me.

I never meant to change. I’m just glad I realized before it was to late, way too late…

I felt comfortable in what I was doing, I thought it was normal. And It is normal. But normal is not Godly. Not according to this world and its standard, but according to His word…so I had to change.. and real soon!! Then I thought. It’s not too late. It wasn’t too late. Time is running out, that I can be sure of, but the fact that God is STILL waiting on me, you, all of us to get right and accept Him into our lives and His son Jesus Christ to be our Lord and Savior, is astonishing. I have accepted Him before, but I continued in my sin thinking it was alright. Ha, no sir. I have to start showing my love for God by hating my sins. I have to get back to the image of Christ, the image God made me in.. 

then the words from the last verse played in my head.. 

There are things that are meant to change, like the seasons and the time of day. But You made me in the image of You

So until the end of life, to be like You is my one desire I don’t care Lord, whatever it takes, I’ma get back to the man You made..

‘I don’t care Lord, whatever it takes.’ 


this song so describes me. every word. and I’m sure it may describe you as well.. such a moving song.

My prayer Lord, is that You would continue to mold me in the image You made. God I don’t want to be the common man, I don’t want to live by the world’s standards, and I surely don’t want to continue to live stubbornly in my sin. Wash me, cleanse me, Renew my mind and God, Lord, Father, whatever it takes, WHATEVER it takes, help me to return to the man You created me to be. I wanna be different from the world, a stranger to my sin, but a friend to love and righteousness. Lord, make me uncommon.

In your son Jesus name, AMEN. 


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