Expectations 2.0: Falling Short

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One thing about expectations, one way or another, something or someone falls short of them.

You let someone else down when you don’t meet theirs, you let yourself down when you don’t meet yours.

In studying various books, workbooks, hearing sermons on manhood and womanhood, and overall just hearing what it means to grow and mature as an adult, we all have dreams, aspirations, we set goals, and ultimately those dreams and goals come with expectations.

But along the ways of life, along with those goals, what you set out to accomplish, what you would like to achieve, you meet and make friendships that evolve into relationships. Sure the dreams and goals have the expectations to meet in order to achieve and accomplish what you set out to do to be successful, but what about those friendships?

Not meeting someone’s else expectations in a friendship/relationship can prove to be crucial, but it’s when in the midst of the relationship, regardless of the particular ‘relation’ between the two, you come to realize that maybe, just maybe you didn’t meet your expectations. You fell short.

Perhaps, you didn’t expect nothing on your part, and expected everything out of them..

Definitely a different perspective from the last time my fingers touched these keys, the last time a pencil hit the pad to begin to unload what was on my mind.
Many a time, I’ve gone about things in my life, goals, dreams, interactions with other people, with a certain expectation: Always succeed at it.
Don’t disappoint.

It’s different knowing that you’ve let yourself and somebody else down. You battled, defend, preserved, and wanted to express everything you felt, but all that came into your mind was knowing that you had fallen short.

And now a missed opportunity looms over your head, a dream that might have broken, or possibly a friendship that quite isn’t the same because of an expectation you originally thought you had over the friendship based on a title, but all along it was more on the actions of the people involved, yourself included.

Falling short has two sides to it, one you choose to stay there and not get back up and dust yourself off and try again, and two you can remain there and beat yourself up, and allow yourself to get over a missed opportunity, an expectation that you didn’t reach.

Accomplishing goals in life have expectations, deadlines, certain strategies that must be implemented. Dealing with people is another thing.
what and how you expect yourself to be around them, relating to them, not necessarily expecting everything out of them, but expecting all the more from yourself, means all the difference from a healthy interaction between you and your close or best friend, or your spouse, and a relationship that’s on the rocks.

You can never expect anything more from a friendship or relationship, then to realize there will be adversity. not every moment will picture perfect, not every opinion will be agreed upon or perceived the right way. How you handle each situation, controlling your emotions in the moment, and responding and relating to that other person will mean all the difference in a healthy, long-lasting, and vibrant friendship and/or relationship, or falling short every time..



One thought on “Expectations 2.0: Falling Short

    ucfknight46 said:
    October 20, 2011 at 1:11 AM

    Thoroughly enjoyed this, it’s so true about friendships having their ups and downs, you have to know how to handle the expectations of yourself and others and balance them in a way that you can sustain a happy life while meeting those expectations set upon you.


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