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The energy was electric. God was in and all around that place..

..this wasn’t your ordinary concert. and this wasn’t your ordinary Christian Rap concert either..

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A short film, panel discussion and no doubt one of the best concerts there ever was featuring the 116 clique [consisting of Lecrae, Trip Lee, KB, Pro, Tedashii, and Sho Baraka, and others]

The theme and whole reason behind this tour ‘Man Up’ was to reach other to all the men in the hip hop urban culture, and men [including myself] all over and share with them and present to them what it looks like to be an authentic Man of God, using all biblical principles.

Six topics were portrayed in the short film, discussed in the panel, and rapped and performed and sung out in the concert portion.

  1. Submitting to God’s authority, and the authority around you
  2.  Accepting Responsibility
  3.  Courage
  4.  Envy 
  5.  Sexual Temptation 
  6.  Repentance 

Each of those 6 topics i realized that i deeply struggle with as a man, striving to be a man of God. 

Writing this review of how the concert with , just doesn’t do it justice..

it was in a word: EPIC

I would have like to write about which artist did which of their songs, and what songs they all collaborated on, truth be told ALL OF THEM WERE OFF THE CHAIN, and i didn’t know all of them both the songs and the artists!!, [I Gotta go get that ManUP CD!!] 

The short film got the message across, the panel discussion was inspiring and encouraging, the concert with the rapping and performing was definitely hype. but it was the two spoken word performances by a young lady [don’t know her name, but sure she is in the 116 group] She performed two poems on sexual temptation and repentance, two issues that hit hard in my life.

Something that i struggle with is letting that guilt get to me after battling with sexual temptation, and everything that goes along with it. one thing i can never clearly understand is the repentance part. For the longest, Repentance was something i felt like if i said sorry , i was forgiven and everything was okay… man was i wrong.. 

In the short film, repentance was explained in an example when the director of a scholarship program was explaining to the troubled man, that throwing a piece of paper at him repeatedly, even though saying sorry each time, that was not repentance. Repentance was when he balled up the piece of paper, but didn’t throw it. he put it down.

Repentance is turning from your old ways, and believing by faith in Christ Jesus that you are saved, healed, delivered, and made a new creature. 

The other 5 topics were hit hard the whole evening in the film, discussion, and concert.

In the end, all of the six struggles, at some point, it will come down to repenting from your mistakes and your sins.

Courage is something you gain from accepting your responsibility for mistakes that you made, repenting from ALL of your sins, including sexual temptation, greed, lust, pride, and envy, and fully submitting your life to Christ Jesus, and living for the authority of God. 

I was truly blessed by this concert and event. I know that I will never be the same after this. I will be a better man. The young guy in me enjoyed a concert and being around a lot of people meeting new people, and seeing friends that i know, getting to enjoy meeting and seeing Christian rap artists in person, all that good stuff! The man in me , striving to grow in God more daily, saw this as a blessing, when i didnt have a lot of money for a ticket or to purchase a CD or a shirt to support the cause, God still saw it in His plan to have me attend this event and receive a blessing through so many different channels all from one voice.. His. 

God, I thank You for such an awesome opportunity to be apart of an event that showed me and other men the true biblical principle of how to be the man You called called us to be. Father God I just ask in son Jesus name, that i will be changed for the better after being apart of this event, along with the preaching that I am receiving, the mentorship, the friendship of my brothers in Christ, I pray Lord God that I would become a better man. That I would accept responsibility for my mistakes, take courage, stand strong on Your Word, repent from ALL of my sins. not just say sorry Lord, I messed up. But say Abba, Father. please help me! I’m tired of my old ways. I’m tired of living like this. I want to live a life of righteousness and holiness and full of purity, but also full of servant-ship. Help me O God to have a heart to love and to respect and reach out to others, and preach your Holy Scriptures. Help me to be unashamed of Your Gospel, and let my life reflect that every day. Lord I know its not easy, but i believe and put every bit of my trust in AND ONLY in You. Lord be with the 116 group, all of the speakers, the music artists, the believers that are sharing their gifts glorifying Your name and bearing the fruit of Your Holy Spirit. Be with them and continue to speak through them, so that lives would be changed, and hearts will soften and turn away from their old desires. Father God I pray that this prayer would not be in vain but that You would hear it and answer it Lord God on Your timing. Help me to live in Your will. In your precious son Jesus name I pray God, AMEN!  


3 thoughts on “MAN UP 116 TOUR

    Aaron Farrow said:
    October 17, 2011 at 12:00 AM

    Me and my friends were there…. It was a wonderful experience a blessing!


      JAnthony responded:
      October 17, 2011 at 2:06 PM

      Yes it really was. A definite experience I was blessed to be there as well!


    selling unwanted gift cards said:
    November 4, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    What an informative read!!! Thank you for sharing.


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