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Awesome post. So true, Jesus knew what He was talking about when He said that one key thing. I know i would not want to be treated any kind of way or disrespected. So i have to treat everyone that I come into contact with with that same love and respect, regardless of how they may treat me.

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This is definately one of the hardest things to do in life.  And practiced by very few.  I truly think that once you have achieved the enlightenment of what it really means to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, one will understand what Jesus Christ meant by the Title Quote of this entry. 

Jesus’ principles of how to treat our fellow Man is truly a way of life that is part of DIVINE LAW; not manmade laws.  “To love our enemies”; and to “Forgive those who Tresspass Against Us”, all words of Jesus Christ’s Teachings…requires to conquer the sinful human nature which would make us “only love those that love us back”; and to “stay angry at those who have wronged/tresspassed against us”. 

What did Jesus mean by these teachings?  I think it is very simple….GodLoves us all: The Sinner; The Lost; The Faithful; The Angry; The Sick; The Poor; The…

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