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You ask..who is she.? her..?
She is someone that deserves to be treated like a queen..
Her.. the one who is determined.. the one who is motivated, not by people or words, but by a higher source..a higher calling. Her passion, her dreams, her goals, her standards, and what means the most , her worth.
Her character, not just her looks, her personality, not her body..
It’s what exemplifies the woman a man wants, the woman of God a man wants to pursue, the woman , who God willing, may be, just maybe, may already be that man’s life.

She is to be liked, loved, cared for, not just because of how a man feels for her, but its the way she feels about herself that draws and attracts the right man to her..

Her… How she finds herself in God,. How she realizes the way a  flawless God made her is by far more important than a flawed world has to say about her image..

How she loves God back by obeying Him, growing in Him daily. Learning to love herself in waiting for true love. And when the man God calls to be in her life, loving him and submitting to him in marriage , but before then submitting to Christ..


The woman so hidden in Christ a man has to lose himself in Christ just to discover Gods greatest gift to man…his helper.

That’s her.


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