Beyond my mind, so close to my soul

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Jesus, the center of my joy, the reason I have life. The source of my strength, the strength of my life , my portion forever. The one person I can go to when in trouble, the one I can thank when everything is good , the one I can rely on when things aren’t the best.

You blow my mind Everytime I’m reminded of your goodness, I can never thank you enough, if I had 10k tons I still couldn’t thank you enough.!

The reason you’re so close to my soul, is that You said that’s where you want to dwell. Lord I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Be close to me, live inside of me, dwell inside of me.

The loved ones , family, friends, people I don’t even know, their desire to be close to You, Jesus fulfill that desire

Breathe in them, like you breathe in me

Lord I love you and I’m forever grateful because You chose me.

Your unselfish choice to die on a cross for my selfish sins..Lord I can’t begin to explain the remorse..

Your full forgiveness is so comforting,

Your salvation is a gift I don’t deserve

The price you paid for me, I can never match in dollars, cents, its value beyond anything measurable..

To describe your undying love is beyond my mind, but because of Your love…you’re so close to my soul

You’re my original first love

No girl can take that place, but by your will, you will show me the woman to pursue so we can be in love with You together.

Until then, and always.. You have my heart Jesus!


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