A Man & His Wounds

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A man doesn’t become a man without going through struggles, pains, trials, ups and downs, rising up, and persevering through life. Part of the growing experience comes from having to endure through wounds in life. There are 3 major wounds that every man will in someway encounter. Myself included.

These are the sermon notes on this topic:

1. the Father Wound (2 Timothy 1:5)

The father wound is “an outgoing emotional, social, or spiritual deficit ordinarily met in a healthy relationship with DAD that must be overcome by other means.

Keys to healing:

  • Face the wound w/ the help of GOD. ( 1 Peter 2:24)
  • Forgive your Father & release him to GOD (Genesis 50:19-21)
  • Find your value in being a child of GOD
  • Break the cycle, and be an involved DAD
2. the Mother Wound (John 2:4, Matthew 20:20-21)
The Mother wound is “an unhealthy emotional relationship with mom that causes a son to either be threatened by the influence of women later on in life to over identify and vecome submissive to the influence of women”
The mother wound will often lead to two things: the SOFT male OR the DOMINANT male
   Keys to healing:
  • Every man needs to make a HEALTHY BREAK from MOM (Genesis 2:24)
3. the All-Alone Wound (Proverbs 27:17, 17:17, 19:20)
The all-alone wound wound is a result of a man attempting to live life alone
   Keys to healing:
  • A man heals this wound by embracing that every man needs a friend AHEAD, BESIDE, and BEHIND
growing as a young man, I’ve come to realize that I have at one time or the other struggled with ALL 3 of these wounds…. 
The Father Wound…
I struggle with this wound the most. My dad wasn’t the father that wasn’t there, or was abusive, or an alcoholic,
(I pray for the ones who did have the father who was like that.) 
But bare with me. My dad was superman in my life. He was the one who kept me on my feet when I was falling who kept me in check when i was out of line and kept me motivated when i was discouraged.
Now that you’re gone dad, I don’t know what to do. People tell me since my earthly father is gone, I have to rely more on my spiritual and heavenly father. They don’t realize that it was my earthly father WHO WAS THE ONE getting me closer to my spiritual father. 
Dad I miss you so much. God I know you must have a perfect plan for my life, and have a reason for everything that you allow. 
So I trust you.
and I forgive and release my father to you Lord. I pray that he is resting peacefully in peace with You. 
help me to see the value in being a Your child! 
The Mother Wound…
This is an interesting wound. I can’t say I don’t struggle with it just because I love my mom with all my heart. It’s the thought
of becoming that weak & soft male. I mean that is the new stereotype right? 
I pray Lord that You would make me strong mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 
My mom has and still doing all she can do and more to raise me, but she’s also allowing me to become a man by trusting myself keeping myself responsible. 
Making a healthy break may not be all that necessary because we already have a healthy relationship. 
The All-Alone Wound…
Then there’s this wound. An attempt for a man to live his life alone…I feel more like I’m alone not by choice, but because it truly feels like i don’t have somebody to go to. I feel lonely. left behind. pushed aside. traded away for something better. 
I ask God to remove this feeling out of my heart, like a grudge from a life long heartbreak. Like a relationship i was in long ago
perhaps my heart hasn’t healed, and therefore i push away every opportunity after… coming up 
But I have to release it..by giving it to God, you have to release it… this is another way I release, I go to God and i also write
Sad part is the one who may have had my heart, didn’t return it.. Not that they would care 
to give it back, but as long as ‘we stay in touch’ its all good………..
that’s what drives me to be alone. 
I struggle with my father wound the most because he loved me like a father was supposed to love his child, I struggle simply because he’s not here anymore, not because he doesn’t love me anymore, he still does. 
I struggle with being alone because it hurts the most. 
I love hard. extremely hard. Invested so much, all to realize the investment returned empty. 
sure this may have been so long ago.. but just as the feeling of love can last forever,
the feeling of heartbreak rarely has an expiration date..
I wonder why now I struggle to keep a close connection to someone.. 
should i be alone? 
no one else gets hurt if I’m alone, right? 
but i’m not alone… because of HIS wounds, I’m never alone!! He’s always with me. helping me heal from my wounds! 

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