Foolish Thinking..

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Everyday is a learning experience. Every day that you wake up and start your day, before the day is over, you learn something. Either about yourself, or the people or things around you. But learning happens because of one of two reasons. Either you learn something you never knew, or you learn from a mistake you made.

Everyone makes mistakes. The point is I personally don’t expect anyone to forgive me for the mistakes i made, past present, or future. Its when the mistakes I make come on the behalf of just foolish thinking…. mistakes being made come either by accident, or the fact that you knew better but acted foolishly.

The consequences of foolish thinking can result in somebody getting their feelings hurt, including the one who had the foolish mind in the first place, or worst.

We all have sin struggles, but we all have also had foolish thoughts. (because no one is perfect) Point is, sin struggles are something that you struggle with, but something you can over come. Foolish thinking is just stubborn. I’m talking about the foolish thinking and actions where you KNOW better than to do this or that, but you do it anyway, not thinking you will get caught or that anyone will get hurt.

But it always backfires in your face. With me, its no different. I have my sin struggles, just like everyone else. But i have a side of me that i just plain HATE and despise of. And its the foolish side of me. The side where i can just do and think how i please, not really taking into account the possible consequences of what may result of my foolish ways…

Everyone sins! But when you embrace your sin, and make it a lifestyle, thats just foolish thinking! 

Let me show you the difference between a sin struggle and just plain foolishness.

Sin Struggle: Lust and Pornography……..

Foolishness: Liking more than one girl at a time (while you’re single, or on the heels of a relationship) and not being up front with that girl(s) about liking someone else.

Sin Struggle: Bearing False Witness……..

Foolishness: Just plain ol’ lying but anything and everything.

Sin Struggle: Adultery and Fornication….

Foolishness: Doing a double take when an attractive woman walks by (You should know what a double take means when used in this context)

Sin Struggle: Pride

Foolishness: Knowing humility is the key, but you would rather bask in the glory and praise of someone liking you.

Sin Struggle: Idolatry

Foolishness: Knowing God comes first, but rather put something, such as dating, or job searching in front of the REAL source that can bless you in ALL areas.

The list goes on and on. I’ve struggled with those above mentioned ‘sin struggles’ but I’ve been convicted on the foolishness. There’s just no place for that. The sin you struggle with definitely affects your relationship with God, but the foolishness not only affects that most important relationship, but also your relationships with the people around you.

Sin struggles uncover what’s on your heart. So you ask God to cleanse and purify your heart. Foolishness starts in your mind and mouth.

Ephesians 5:4 says I should rather have words of thanksgiving, and not filthy or unwholesome words, always joking around.

Ephesians 4:29 says I should let no unwholesome talk leave my mouth, but only that which is beneficial to the building up of their soul and spirit.

Matthew 15:11 says Its not what goes into my mouth and body that defiles me, but what comes out of it, this is what defiles me.

Finally 2 Corinthians 10:5 says I should take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ;

So I have to take into account that what I say and think about affects the people around me. And its foolish of me to even think i can say one thing, do another, act one way, think another, and everything just be A-OK, ITS NOT! I’m not doing my part as a man, and definitely not doing my part as a Christian.

My prayer is that God would heal me of my foolishness. Delivering me from my sin struggles I am grateful to the highest for that, I can’t thank Him enough. But i realize God is not please with my foolishness. It nullifies what His son Jesus Christ did for me on the Cross. Die for my sins.

Anyone else dealing with foolishness I pray that the spirit of foolish talk, or thoughts be removed from you and that the blood of Christ will flow through you, so that your mind will be renewed, and transformed, your heart would be cleansed and purified, and your actions would line up under Jesus Christ!

Foolish thinking and foolish ways gets you nowhere!!! It gets me nowhere no time soon!! So why be foolish???

Remember Hebrews 10:31:  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.


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