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So if you’ve been around me for the past couple of weeks and months, in between a casual smile, or a mild laugh, i’ve given off the impression that i have a cloud over my head, or that i may be in deep thought…

truth is.. I have.

A lot of things have been running through my mind, mostly in the spiritual world, trying not to over think anything, and what i come to realize is that the harder i think, the more confused, distraught, frustrated, and almost depressed i become… and what is it that i’m thinking about? something way more complex than i first had thought.

Sabbath vs. Sunday worship, and everything else that falls under keeping the Sabbath.

I’ve come into contact with people who are very God fearing, bible abiding, truth seekers if you will, and i have grown to call those people my friends and family outside my blood family. Its what they’ve shared with me in the recent weeks and months that have really spun my head around. A lot of their insight on this spiritual and even in some cases, political topic, was backed up by biblical support and proof that we as Christians are to keep the Sabbath, along with the original 10 commandments. Do not get me wrong, i fully believe that the Sabbath day is Saturday, it was ordained by God on the seventh day to stop his work and to rest. along with resting from his usual work, there was other practices to be exercised, such as no buying, selling, working, cooking, or any usual pleasure that you normally do. when i first heard all of this , i thought to myself…. the normal pleasures or desires that the old me would indulge in (think of a college student, in his early 20’s and all the pleasures he can indulge in…) but not only pleasures, but the necessities that everyday people need to do, grocery shopping, get gas, go to work! or even school if they weekend classes…. or play spots on the weekend.

my thought was I cant do any of that?! I can’t put some chicken in the oven for one day, or go and get gas, or tell my manager i can’t work on their busiest day of the week (and the last one actually happened, lucky for me the supervisor didn’t look at me like i was crazy and say what is a Sabbath?? no, actually he shared his thoughts with me and how keeping law back then would be almost near impossible to keep now….. again his viewpoint, not mine. but, it made sense.)

but literally i can’t go and buy some medicine if i needed it, or get some gas if i was running low, and when those thoughts ran through my mind, sure enough there was biblical proof of a ‘day of preparation’  that we should all prepare for the Sabbath day by getting twice as much food, or water, or make sure we have enough gas, or anything that we may need.. again in the scriptures, this makes perfect sense, in that day or time, but what about today?? 

My perspective just on this part of the subject is for a day we should stop what we normally do, not buy, sell, cook, clean, work, etc. and to give God honor and praise, it sounds good…really good. That’s why God said it in His word, i have no problem with what He said in His Word. But in today’s time, are we matching His Word up with our actions and what we do..

Me, i can say that i may not put aside what i do on a Saturday and go to church, I have worshiped w/ my friends at their church on the Sabbath a few times before. You may not like this reason for why, but i wanted to be around people who were pouring into my spirit, and helping me to grow as a Christian. BUT, also i would go, because my schedule would be open. I wouldn’t have to go in to work on that day, or the night before. So i could also participate in a friday night bible study.

that may not be the best reason. I should have been going out of fear and reverence of God. Out of love and obedience for Him, but it was more of a chance to be around more Christian people, and….. to a degree, more out of obligation.

See why i would feel l like this is because as soon as I’m with them, the conversation would swing to what i would be doing this upcoming weekend, what are my plans for Saturday, and Sunday, i would tell them, and they would enlighten me to the best of their ability about keeping the Sabbath. scripture after scripture they showed me about everything pertaining to the Sabbath, why its the true day of worship, and the one day we don’t indulge in our pleasures, or do what we want, rather its something we want to do, or need to do. Again, being around them, hearing this. It made sense. It was when I got back around family, other friends, things started clouding up in my head. and this became more than just a ‘God said do this, so do it.’  ‘Ok, I’ll do it’.

A big part of this philosophy is that Christians who do worship on Sunday, either knowingly or unknowingly of the Sabbath, or misconceived, and deceived…. this part doesn’t sit well with me. As a Christian, a free believer in Christ, being saved, redeemed, and justified, delivered from sins, and past mistakes, the part of being misled into worshiping one day just boggles my mind. You mean to tell me that millions upon millions of believers that go to Church on a Sunday  are being misled?? So are they all going to hell??? The same God you believe in and worship on one day, others on another day, but they’re going to hell for worshiping the same God, and the same Son Jesus Christ the Messiah on another day??? I get it, Narrow and straight is the way, and path that leads to life. and yes, Not all that have prophesied, cast out demons, and cried out Lord, Lord will make it into the kingdom of heaven… (Matthew 7) but really?? , are we not working our own salvation in fear and trembling (Philippians 2:13) or are we held bound to a day…

My perspective is that for those who get caught up in a day of when to worship, or when not to do certain things, its their personal choice, and conviction to go with that. I mean Christ commands us to love one another, as you love yourselves, humble yourselves, deny yourselves and pick up your cross and follow him, DAILY. Now i realize that has absolutely NOTHING to do with worship, or a day, but, in all that we are commanded to do by Christ, it’s daily. It’s an everyday thing.  We are to love one another daily, we are to humble ourselves daily. we are to repent of our sins daily. We are to spread the gospel daily! we are to walk by faith, not by sight, daily!

There’s a scripture in Colossians 2 about not to judge one about food, meat, holy day, new moon, or Sabbath day. that these are a shadow of things to come, but the reality, the Body is in Christ. (v.16-17)

My perspective: This scripture has been interpreted by BOTH people who keep the Sabbath, and those who choose to worship on Sunday… my thing is i don’t judge either side. You can only imagine how confusing that can be to one who is starting to consistently get more acquainted with their bible. 

Growing up, all i’ve known was wake up on Sunday and go to church. I personally did not know of a Sabbath or when it was until i was about 15. And did not have any knowledge of keeping it. Now that I have becoming aware of there being a Sabbath, and a strong belief that all Christians should keep it, well at times it becomes confusing. Other times, more stay true to what you do know, because after all you are worshiping the exact same God………the exact same God…………….no.. wait….yeah…the Exact Same God!!! smh, had a moment there…

Heres something to think about. What if you were told what you were doing were wrong, and that what you felt was right was actually wrong but you still felt it was right, and that everyone else was doing it, because they felt it was right? Sounds confusing right? 

If being told that our worship, praise, and devotion and commitment to Christ is in vain because we don’t worship on a particular day, are we more concerned about a day we are supposed to worship on, or are we concerned with saving souls, seeking for the lost, and bringing them to Christ? are we right in our hearts?

If scripture tells us that the 7th day is to be kept holy, thats from God.  yet we discover the 7th day is on a Saturday because of a calendar created by the ‘same’ people that moved ‘corporate worship’ from Saturday to Sunday.. we use the Roman calendar to tell us the days of the week, not the bible, the bible doesn’t tell us the days of the week, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday… the Roman catholic empire did.. Christ rose on the 3rd day, but from which day, friday right? because He rose on Sunday right? Cause He rested on the Sabbath..

Some Christians worship the day that Christ rose. Some choose to honor and keep the Sabbath. does it matter which day? to me, personally no! Your worship won’t be in vain no matter what day you choose to worship. Scripture tells us that we are to worship in spirit and truth. John 4:23. so if you’re worshiping in spirit AND in truth, it should not matter what day you worship, (personally it should be daily)

It’s not that one day should or should not be kept just for holy purposes, its when the idea, the philosophy, the truth of the matter of trying to keep one day holy, just for the sake of your salvation. Once i was told and pretty much persuaded, it wasn’t the truth that i was turning away from, it’s in scripture, its the impression that if i don’t keep it, i lose my salvation… so what about faith, isn’t faith required too?


Its not about the philosophy of Christianity and discerning through doctrines and laws, its the reality that Christ saved you from your old self through His grace and mercy. 

If anything, this was all going to mess with my head, and i didnt wan’t that. but that was my perspective….

My perspective of this whole matter will never in a lifetime compare to God’s reality, EVER! The bible says My thoughts are not your thoughts, meaning whatever i may be thinking, its nothing compared to His thinking. It also say My ways are not your ways. and that a way may look right in my heart, but God knows and has the final say….

Lord, you are my Reality, you are THE REALITY! My perspective pales in comparison to your Reality. But my prayer is that my praise, worship, soul seeking, encouraging others, and other good deeds, as well as my FAITH don’t go in vain but to gather and expand your Holy Kingdom. Amen.


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