Heat of the moment..

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One of the most dangerous places to be is in the ‘heat of the moment’ .

That phrase is used in a number of situations. you could be involved in an altercation with a family member, or co-worker, or even a complete stranger over something completely worthless..

Or you could have the ball in your hands in the final seconds trying to win your team a championship…

or it could be you involved in an intimate situation with someone you’re interested in, and words just don’t seem to justify the moment, yet only add fuel to the fire.

Bottom line is, we’ve all experienced that moment, where the heat is turned up, and no matter how hard we try to focus on what the outcome may be, you’re more consumed and overwhelmed with emotion and passion, or anger, or adrenaline.. The only way out of giving in to heat, knowing that there’s a better way to go about the situation. Finding that alternative can be the difference between an argument getting out of hand, and a problem resolved with a apology and handshake,

the difference between making a mistake and costing the game, versus hoisting a well deserved trophy..

the difference, between drawing the line when the heat is turned all the way up, passion overflowing, and pushing beyond your limit…

I’ve been in two of those situations ( i wish i was in that basketball scenario) , and thriving under pressure, making the decision, what i say and do while in the heat of the moment is all the more crucial…. One thing I’ve learned from past scenarios and experiences, don’t so much act on what you feel, yet think on what’s real…

Don’t let the heat of the moment consume you… unless you are good at thriving under pressure and don’t let the emotions, passions, and adrenaline overtake your mind.

Spiritually speaking, don’t make provisions for your flesh, don’t even let the flesh breathe..anger but don’t sin. and don’t let pride or emotion decide for you over your higher mindset, but be humble…

Naturally speaking, have better self control. know the situation you’re in, and know your strengths and weaknesses.
We all will be tempted, and tested… At some point of time, we will find ourselves..

..in the heat of the moment


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