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I just want to know..why is it, you feel so good one day, and the next you wish you wouldn’t wake up, or at least get out the bad (dont want to scare anybody)

Spiritual warfare is one thing, but depression, for some reason is worse… but maybe thats cause feeling depressed and discouraged all plays into spiritual warfare, my main struggle is lust and fornication, but depression can be tied to anything, from a bad day at work, to contemplating beliefs in the natural and spiritual context, fighting fear to activate your faith, regaining financial confidence, and the list just goes on and on..

funny thing is i just typed up a sermon review on depression/discouragement, and when i typed it, i felt encouraged, strong, and a go lucky mood. but its after i type the sermon notes, meditate on the scripture, share a quote the pastor said in his sermon, or listen to that feel good christian/gospel song, its WHEN i have that bad day at work, or contemplating thoughts flow through my head over whether this or that sounds better.

this is not an excuse post, or a way for me to release and complain, this is more of a cry for help.

I know God hears me, but thats just it. He’s listening and i cant open my mouth up to say one breath. the horrible thing about depression is it can get to the point where you’re shut in your own emotional pit… no way out, and all you can do is try to mask it… all the while its building and manifesting inside you…

i wish this was where i hit the turning point, and unload a long list of encouraging words and scripture… i really do… and its there…

but there is one that comes to mind..

The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

Psalms 138:8


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