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From a devotional I received from church on this week between Palm Sunday, and Easter Sunday..

HE Must Protect HIS House 

Jesus enters the temple and rids it of the money changers and merchants. The temple was to be an outward proclamation of an inward devotion. Jesus knew his time prior to the cross was nearing and could not stand by and allow the Temple be made a spiritual pawn shop. He wanted their hearts.

A popular sporting retail line “Under Armour” has a slogan, WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE. In marketing the product, they use athletes who appear physically fit and able to “protect this house.” As a child of God you should be “spiritually fit” and willing to PROTECT HIS HOUSE. You need to be prepared to tell those who seek to defile what god has established, to get up, get out, and get to stepping in the NAME of JESUS, even if it is in you! What requires an eviction notice in your life today so that God has full access to you?

Dear God – today I need your strength, courage, and power to rid my life of all he things that stop me from seeing you and giving your name all the glory and honor that it deserves. God forgive me for placing you on my to-do list. Forgive me for not realizing you are not “A” priority, but you are “THE” priority in my life. God I need you now like never before. Make my life a replica of your temple, that it may resemble holy things and not hopeless trinkets. Lord I love you and depend solely on you this day and all my days to come! I am committed today to PROTECTING YOUR HOUSE!


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