Why do I feel like this

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Why do I feel the way that I feel? I have feelings of complacent, tired, irritability, its like where I was a few weeks before I ended up in the hospital … except I don’t have any wild thoughts , just the ones like do I have what it takes?? Can I do it?? Why do I keep making mistakes , God is not pleased, why is it so easy to have a conversation with someone but so difficult to talk to and pray to God alone so difficult???.
I hate feeling this way, theres no reason to keep beating myself up about it.. no reason to try so hard and things, or rush them, or feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

This is the same thoughts that made me sick…I just want them to go away… I don’t wanna be depressed or irritable anymore

Lord I need your help..I don’t wanna be by myself


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