Sunday March 13 (Part 2)

Posted on the day continued with a really good friend of mine inviting me to their church 🙂
I had been wanting to make it out to their church for a while, they had been extending the invitation for a while, and i was glad i was able to make it out, and the timing couldn’t have been any better..

This was their Family and Friends service, (i really wish my mom, or a homeboy of mine would have been able to attend, but it was good i went alone for a reason, [another story, another blog post in the future]

But the service was really, really good! The spirit of the Lord was definitely present and moving in that place. the size of the church itself was a modest size, but still the spirit filled every square inch in the building, and then some!
Not to mention how everyone (members) was so involved in the service, reminded me of how my family church down home in Fairfield is. had a real home knitted, family oriented, warm feeling.

Everything about the service was good, the singing, the praise & worship, the devotion. the whole time, it felt like you could feel God move in that place, never a stagnant moment.

Then there was of course the Word of God spoken. The message was moving, and the speaker was anointed. He’s a Superintendent of a district of churches, (Church of God in Christ)
The title of his sermon: “Are you thriving or just surviving?”
Scriptures from the message were Philippians 4:4-8, and Colossians 3:12-17

The speaker gave 5 crucial points to basically answer the title of the sermon:
1. Rise (each morning) Thankfully, start your day w/ Praise
(Phil. 4:4-5)

2. Pray Expectantly, worry about nothing. (Phil. 4:6-7)

3. Speak Kindly, what you say , testifies to whats on your mind. (Phil 4:8, Col. 3:16-17)

4. Forgive quickly- We’re forgiven, Get over it!! (Col. 3:12-14)’

5. Work in Worship (Col 3:17)

Now the whole sermon was definitely more than just him giving those 5 points to the question. But i just cant seem to put into words how moving it was, (you would have had to been there)

But to put in perspective how good it was, the pastor of the church came and stated simply, that we couldnt have the speaker come back and just pray over the people in the church, so why not “touch and agree in faith”

Scripture says “if two of you [or more] shall agree on anything they ask for, it will be done..” (Matt 18:19)

Next thing i knew, The Superintendent had oil on his hand and a prayer line had assembled down the middle isle… and at that point, i was already so into the spirit, what i was starting to realize was that the spirit was just getting started with me.. and everyone else in that place….

Almost everyone had took place in the prayer line to receive and be touched in agreement in faith , so many people in line, many of them overcome, and overwhelmed with the spirit upon being laid hands upon, then some ran off dancing and rejoicing, others crying tears of healing, rejuvenation, and even salvation. some , however, not even having a reaction..

.. and then i found myself, next in line… filled with thoughts over whats transpired the last couple of weeks (another future blog post to come, stay tuned) , losing my dad (5 years ago in April), and other thoughts, emotions.. beginning to occupy my mind.. and there i was, shook his hand, and the speaker, the pastor, the man of God standing right there placed his hand on my forehead, and thats when i lost it,

i let out the loudest, yet silent cry, no sound, just an expression on my face of utter conviction, but then cleansing. past mistakes i made, downfalls, and setbacks that i havent, or didnt quite fully confront, now being released by a touching of a hand. (that was the physical aspect)
the spiritual, psychological part was that i had finally put myself in a position to completely, fully, without hesitation, release ALL that was bounded inside of me, and give it all to Christ!! no doubt, no second guess, or no second thoughts. it was automatic.

…it was quick, but when i returned to my seat, it was like i wasn’t the same, at ALL. i was in line thinking, whats about to happen when he lays his hand on my forehead, what will i think about, will i even feel something, is the spirit going to move within me,

truth be told, none of those thoughts had a chance to go thru my mind…

but now i can truly say , im going through a process where teaching of the Word to me, preaching a good solid sermon of the Word, and even having good conversations with family, and friends about the Word, and how we apply it to our lives, ALL is good.. but what i needed right then and there, and will still have to have one of these every now and there,

is a pure, sincere, full, releasing, cleansing, complete CRY.

something i needed! and it all came at a church i was invited to…. God makes NO MISTAKES..

now thats the church side to this part, theres another side, but saved for another time..

Praying for Strength.. so I can Persevere through weakness


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